This Is The Third Fan Episode Of Dog With A Blog


(nina pov)

dear diary,Being the first american in house of anubis is super good.

Eddie is cute but his is dating him but she says she

is not going to marry him but i think she should.(nina closes her diary)

"Fabian,Amber,Eddie!"i called is super cute but i don't know if he likes me or not

he seems to like Joy."yeah What you wanna?"eddie ask me so does amber and fabian.

i told them"okay guys!tomorrow is Patricia's birthday so i think we should throw a

surprise party for her!"

(eddie pov)

wow,i absolutely forgot that tomorrow is patricia's bday.i don't know what to give her.

maybe i should give her a kiss and a jade man!tomorrow is also katie's birthday

and she also has a crush on i should ask fabian his advice."hey nina,can i borrow fabian for

awhile?"she nodded and smiled wowza!(at their room)

"hey what do you want to ask?" i told him"ok,so 2morrow is patricia's bday and also katie's of

them like me but i only have money to buy only one what should i do?"

fabian frowned for a while then he smiled,"what if you give patricia a kiss and a bracelet or something that is not that cheap

then with the money left over you can buy whatever you can afford for katie!"

sorry that its a bit short i'll upload 2 days later.