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Dogwithahog Stole a pig, did you now?

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Lose Someone and Meet Another is a fan episode of Dog With a Blog.


[Ellen, Chloe, and Stan are at the park. Ellen is reading a book, sitting on the bench, Chloe is riding on the swings, and Stan is watching Chloe]

[Stan] Alright, it's time for you to get over your fear.

[Chloe] But I don't want to...

[Stan] Jump on my howl. 3...2...1...[howls, making Ellen drop her book and lose her place. Chloe jumps off the swing and lands face-down on the ground]

[Ellen] [walks over] Chloe, are you okay?

[Chloe] [still on the ground, muffled] I'm okay. [gets up and sees an ice cream cart coming into the park] Ooh, ice cream! Can we get some, mom, please?

[Ellen] Alright, anything for you.

[Chloe and Ellen walk to the ice cream cart while Stan stays still]

[Stan] I'll stay right here.

[Screen flips and shows Ellen and Chloe walking out of the park with ice cream]

[Stan turns around] Oh no! They forgot me! I gotta get there before they leave on me!

[A person puts a CLOSED sign on the park]

[Stan] No! Now I'm trapped!

[DUN DUN DUN Dramatic Music is made, then the THEME SONG plays]

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