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Crazy Fat Day is a fan episode of DOg With a Blog

Note: Tyler is absent


(Lindsay's House)

Avery- Lindsay! (Enters Lindsay's Front Door) I have a  big problem! (laughs)

Lindsay- Usually I ask you for help! (laughs)

Avery-  Hats! I need help with hats! Tomorrow's crazy hat day! (laughs)

Lindsay- Don't you have your own hats!

Avery- Have you ever seen me wear a hat?! Ever?! (laughs)

Max- Hellow! (Outside Lindsay's House) Anyone's home! (laughs)

Lindsay- Shhhhhh! Run! (laughs)

(Theme Song)

(Street of the James House)

Chloe- Thanks for walking you, I mean me walking me, I mean you walking me home! (laughs)

Garry- I thought you were walking me home.

Chloe- You're at my house! (laughs) It says James! (laughs)

Garry- Bye! (pushes Chloe) See ya! (laughs)

(Lindsay's House)

Avery- Max is gone! (switches to Stan blogging)

Stan- You might bee wondering why Lindsay is afraid of Max! It happened yesterday...


Lindsay- So Joe, want to go out with me, tomorrow? (laughs)

Joe- Of course!

Max- I'm going to pumble you Joe! (laughs)

Lindsay- Max sit! (laughs) That's my boyfriend!

Max- Flee flea! (laughs)

(Lindsay's House)

Lindsay- So can't you create one?

Avery- Only this! (puts blanket on head that's covering hair) (laughs)

Lindsay- Okay, Do you want the old hat, the Karl Fink hat (laughs),the New Hat, the Wes hat...

(James Front Porch)

Garry- (pushes doorbell) Pizza Delivery! (laughs)

Benet James- (opens door) Garry, Chloe's not here she's doing something at the park.

Garry- She won't have any fun.

Benet James- No you won't!